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New type multi-functional sandwich wallboard is a new type wall material developed on its own in allusion to modern high rise buildings,steel structure architecture and new ecological residential building, which owns many merits including energy saving, waste recycling,environmental protection, fire prevention, moisture proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, themal insulation, anti-seismic, solid core, lightq1uality, high strength, available for hanging with nail, easy to cut, no radiation, no pollution, shock resistance, free from plastering,convenient and fast construction, available for increasing used space, decreasing structure load greatly and lowering integrated fabricatingcost. it is widely suitable for various non-bearing inner partition wall of buildings.


As for construction of new type multi-functional sandwich wallboard, it belongs break-joint anchoring installation of top and bottom andmiddle. Grooving structure of board side makes wallboards own strong integrity and stability after matching. With high strength of integrity,it is available for setting anti-cracking degree as level 8 seismic resistance, increasing shock resistance and safety performance of buildingsgreatly. Industrial production contributes to characteristics of new type multi-functional sandwich wallboard including shortened constructionperiod, civilization and efficiency, convenient construction, good decoration property, convenient pipeline installation and so on. Comparedwith other materials, its advantages in lightness and thinness lower load of base, girder and pillar and construction cost enomously, improvesafety performance, increase used space and cost performance. Convenient and efficient installation mode and smooth panel avoid procedureof plastering, lower comprehensive cost and shorten construction period greatly.


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